Breakthrough New Resource Guarantees Your Decorating Success

Finally, the First Complete, Step-By-Step Resource for Creating Beautiful and Inspiring Rooms, Even if Your Time and Budget are Limited…100% Guaranteed!

Do you ever throw up your hands in frustration because you can't figure out how or where to get started when decorating your home? Or, do you lose confidence because you're not sure if you're on the right track?

Don't worry, you're not alone. The truth is I've found more people confused, perplexed and just plain baffled about colors, patterns, styles and more. And who wouldn't be when there are so many options and combinations available?

That's why I'm very excited to introduce a "first of its kind" resource that will not only help you decorate your home according to your personality, lifestyle, and goals…

But it will help you do it easier and faster than ever before!

The resource that I'm referring to is called The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection.

It's comprised of four interactive home decorating and decor eBooks that were designed to work in seamless harmony with one another. Inside them you'll find more than 1000 photos/images and 700 pages to help turn your decorating dreams into reality.

After reading the eBooks, I was very impressed and thoroughly convinced that they will help you create warm, inviting spaces...just as you envisioned!

interior design, decorate, redecorate The collection was written by Marney Makridakis and Michael Holland, two people who I trust and entrust to guide you to decorating success…no matter what size home or budget you have.

You follow the comprehensive, step-by-step resource and we guarantee that you'll create beautiful and inspiring rooms, every time! Their "Tools, Not Rules" philosophy takes the guesswork out of decorating, but leaves you firmly in control.

You'll feel the difference as you experience the newfound energy that your creations bring to you and your family's life and activities.

So, if you're looking for an easier, stress-free way to decorate, then do yourself a huge favor and check out the full story at More Decorating Training


Interior Redesign Training

Earn extra money decorating for others. Learn about the rewarding career opportunities in the interior redesign field. No experience necessary. Train at home at your pace. We offer the most affordable and thorough training anywhere. 3 Training Levels to Choose from:
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Furniture Arrangement Training

Can't seem to get your room to look right? Struggling with your furniture placement? Do things look "off" no matter where you put them? Well, struggle no more. Help is just a click away. Our fool proof furniture arrangement concepts will solve any dilemma and quite literally just won't fail. Get the details here: Decor Secrets Revealed

Floral Design Training

Love floral arrangements? Want to get more pizzazz and drama out of your arrangements? Learn how to design custom floral arrangements for every room in your home. We've got all the tips and how to info. Get the details here: Floral Design Training

Art Consulting Training

Ever wonder who decides what art work to put in a business? Think that might be a fun way to make money? Well, you're right. It's not only creative, it's a way to make extremely good income. Get the details here: Custom Art for Businesses

Wall Grouping Training

Have a ton of family photographs you want to hang up? Have a lot of small art that needs to be grouped together for more impact? Learn the secrets used by interior designers to create beautiful wall groupings. Get the details here: 101 Ways to Dress a Naked Wall

Private Consultations

Need personalized help? If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area of Southern California, you can get help for your home immediately without spending a small fortune for consultation and solutions. Get the details here: Personalized Consultation Services

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