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If you’d like to enjoy the most beautiful floral arrangements in your home or to give as gifts while being the envy of your best friend and your mother-in-law,  this will be one of the most important messages you’ll ever read.

Now you can get answers to practically any floral arrangement question you have in seconds.

  • How do I achieve all of the design elements in a great floral arrangement?
  • What tools, containers, holders and equipment will I need?
  • What are the proper cutting strategies and how do I prolong their life?
  • How do I make Japanese arrangements?

Introducing Flower Power!

Here for the first time is specific information on virtually everything you ever wanted to know about how to create stunning floral arrangements just like a professional florist would create. Plus, all the basic questions you have about creating centerpieces, arrangements by the season, holiday decorations, corsages and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional florist – with this single resource you’ll have answers right at your fingertips – anytime you need them.

Here’s How This Easy Electronic Manual Works….

All you do is place your order in our easy, secure shopping cart and we'll send you an email with the download instructions.  In a matter of a few minutes you can be learning how to make a beautiful arrangement.

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But in case you don't want to read it on your computer, you can print a copy of the ebook instead. It's 268 pages with 140 illustrations and photos. It is one of the most thorough manuscripts on the subject of floral arrangement design and you'll love how easy it is to read and learn.

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Now anyone can become an expert floral designer – it’s easy!

"Testimonial - "This is a wonder resource. Thank you for making it available. - Ann McDermont"

”Testimonial - "I put together my first arrangement following the examples in the book. I was amazed at how easy it was. I feel like a florist already. Thanks. - Mimi Solhern”

“Testimonial - "I'm going to make good use of this talent to go along with my redesign business. I have made several centerpieces for clients already and they were beautiful. - Andrea Anderson”

Start off with answers to the most important parts of the design of an arrangement  like creating movement, achieving the right scale, making it balanced,  keeping it harmonious, making sure there is a point of interest and understanding colors. Then you get specific Designer's Guide questions answered.

Here Are Just a Few of the Questions You Can Have Answers To Instantly Inside This Amazing Resource:

Q. What are the 7 most crucial elements every arrangement must have?

Q. How do I mix colors to achieve harmony?  

Q. What kind of moods do colors generate?  

Q. How do I create a visual fundamental line design?  

Q. What is a guide and how do I get one?  

Q. What are the 3 most essential tools I will need?  

Q. What are the 4 types of containers most widely used?  

Q. How do I secure my arrangement in the container?  

Q. What are the 3 most popular holders?  

Q. What are the 5 other tools I should probably get?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg because you’ll also get answers to these important questions:

Q. How do I make a corsage, a centerpiece, an ikebana?  

Q. What are the proper cutting techniques?  

Q. What are bleeding stems and woody stems?  

Q. What things should I avoid?

Q. What are the prolongation tips for the top 33 flowers?

And all of this is still just a tiny fraction of the information inside “Flower Power” At a glance you’ll know “every trick in the book” to:

  • Designing Floral Arrangements That Rock!
  • Creating Great Settings for Your Arrangements
  • Holiday Decorations and Special Occasion Arrangements
  • And much, much more…

At Last, Here’s The Most Comprehensive Reference
Resource For Floral Arrangements

As you can see there’s so much useful knowledge in here -- you’ll be referencing this work over and over again every year.

Just count up the value here. If you were going to try to find the same information elsewhere it would take several volumes of different books and you still probably wouldn’t have everything here. That would easily set you back hundreds and the books would just gather dust. However, this entire resource guide conveniently available for you day and night is only $24.95 (This price can go up at any time.)

And the best part is it’s available to you right now as an instant download! As soon as you place your order through our totally secure server you’ll have immediate access without delay. (But don’t worry, downloading Flower Power is very simple. Even if you’re a bit of a computer phobic you’ll have no problem.)

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I know you’ll find this resource absolutely indispensable for all your flower arranging questions and concerns. It's full of illustrations of arrangement ideas and examples, definitions of terminology, tools of the trade and so much more.

Go ahead and grab this invaluable resource that beginner and expert floral designers turn to when they’re baffled. Your house plants will thank you. Your tables with thank you. And if you're in business, your clients will thank you. Pretty soon your family and friends (and customers) will think you’re a decorating genius and start asking your advice!

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Barbara Jennings
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